A company sends 60 million vaccines and 300 million in Covid tests for Vietnam

Since the beginning of the pandemic, all the world has started to find a way that could save lives, because we always knew how dangerous the COVID 19 virus is.

When we had found the way that could identify if someone was
contaminated or not, the COVID 19 tests started to be necessary for all the world.

And when the scientists had discovered the vaccines, some companies needed to help vaccines arriving worldwide.

A Vietnamese company, Mekolor Joint Stock Company with the support of GOE Engenharias, a well-known Portuguese Consultant, managed to structure and sign a large investment by a Swiss company IMOBBILIEN for investments in Vietnam. One of the responsibilities for it was Miss Carla Maia, she’s the CEO of the GOE company is willing to speak for Reuters).

It was an incredible investment of 2 billion euros in vaccines, 60 million vaccines, and 300 million in Covid tests for Vietnam.

Immediately after the signing of this investment contract, the company pledged to finance around 2 billion euros for the purchase of 30 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, 30 million doses of Pfizer, and 300 million CoVID test kits 19.

The founder of the Vietnamese company Mekolor is Mr. Vo Xuan Truong (who is willing to speak for Reuters) who together with the investor created a strategy to respond to the virus control difficulties, currently experienced in that country.

This partnership, in a second moment, is based on funding specifically the development of projects in the area of health, digital transition, and others that boost the growth of the country’s economy.

The arrival of free vaccines to the population depends on crediting the fund of the State Bank of Vietnam and Vietinbank, where the financial resources (the funds) have already been received.

Mekolor Joint Stock Company with commercial code number 1801491030 at 41 Cach Mang Thang Tam, An Hoa District, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City, Vietnam (Mekolor Company) was created to focus on promoting economic development, increase the income of people and companies to invest in different regions and specific industries, with a focus on the areas of culture, education, transport, infrastructure, real estate, tourism, human resources, health, finance, trade, agriculture, logistics, engineering.

It reflects how important it is to take care of all lives in this huge world! Each life matters!

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